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Field Service Mastery Breakfast Seminar. Ghent.












CASE STUDY – Field Service Mastery Breakfast Seminars


BRIEF – Marriott Hotel Ghent Belgium.

WHO – C level executives in the Field Service Industry based in Belgium.

THE WHY – The purpose of the seminars was to both gather information from high level executives about their technology needs and also allow the technology partners explain current solutions.

WHAT WE DID – We received an urgent call from Swedish knowledge think tank Copperberg AB to create a breakfast seminar series in Ghent, Stuttgart and St Galen for one of their key technology partners. 3 speakers in 3 languages + roundtable mastermind discussions. On short notice we negotiated the venue booking, managed the menu planning and created a format for the meeting that would allow maximum information exchange and networking. We also hosted the meeting, making opening remarks and introducing each speaker.

TESTIMONIAL – “Round table discussions & networking were even more interesting than the presentations were smooth and captivating, good to follow”.

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